Monday, December 5, 2011

I can't say I'm excited that my mom is home, but I did miss her.
I definitely needed the break from her. I was getting strung out with stress.

At least I won't be home as much, I'm going to be looking into finding work and taking care of school more this week, so that should keep me busy.

I'm not having a Christmas at all this year, but I need to get a job if I want to get presents for the people I really need to.

I have a lot of ideas for everyone.
I have most ideas for Jaleesa. They're great ideas, too. At least I think so. Even if I'm not going to have a Christmas I want to show her how much I care and that I'm happy to have her in my life at these times. She's really brought me up from what would be a huge downslope in my life.

First, I have to pay my mom back for the money she lent me, but after that all money I make will go directly to taking care of those I need to.
Then I have to save some money for a new iPod seeing as mine is dead. Then I'll work on getting a head case. I could really use one considering I don't have a back plate for mine. All in due time.

First things first, a job and Christmas presents.

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