Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My dad and I had a really big talk last night. About what's going on. We both want out of this town. He wants to go to either Phoenix, Arizona or Austin, Texas. The only problem is what my brother wants to do. Tuacahn is a really good school for him, but my dad couldn't wait another three years to leave this town. Not to mention he'd have to go, get settled, then have my brother come down. Maybe he could stay with me in Salt Lake, then once my dad gets money I could take him down there before another year of school starts, but that's just an option. I guess it all depends on what he wants.
My dad agrees that it'd be way better for me to go to Salt Lake as opposed to Cedar and is by far better than staying in St. George. I could actually be successful and happy in Salt Lake and he sees it. Plus, where I would end up living seems to be a really nice part. Easy, safe, secure, inexpensive, and most of all a really great place to raise a family. Even if Jaleesa wouldn't want to move in together right away, I would still want to be in Salt Lake. The city is just flat out better and there is so much more opportunity. I mean, I truly hope she wants to move in with me, but that's a long ways off. I know that I really want to have a life with her. I've never been so sure about anyone.

She pushes me to be such a better person. I've already been doing so much better in the two months we've actually been dating.
Lately, I've been pushing myself to get school taken care of. Today I finished off another half credit, so I have four or less to get done. If I keep this pace up I could be done by January.
I'm going to ask my dad to leave me the Rodeo tomorrow so I can actually go look for applications. I was hoping to today, but the van didn't have enough gas for me to drive around.
I'm going to apply at Ross and quite a few other retail stores. I wish I could end up at a place that I would actually be approaching customers and selling to them, but I just need any form of work at this point, regardless of pay. I just need to get some saving started if I really want to take moving seriously. I need a job to show Jaleesa how serious I am.

I'm getting on top of this. I have to.
A job, my diploma, and my family, I can get this worked out in these upcoming months.

I'm glad I have Jaleesa here to support me through all of this.
Last night she told me more about her worries. About how Adele really loves me and how she's scared that if we break up it'll break Adele's heart.
I won't break either of those women's hearts though. I couldn't. I'm much too in love with the both of them, and the idea of having a family with them to go anywhere.
It made me so happy to know that Aj really does love me, too, because I really do love her.
Jaleesa and Adele are my girls, and I intend to keep it that way.
I'll fight as hard as I can to keep them.
They are mine, and I am theirs.

I love them with all I have.
And I won't ever take them for granted.
I appreciate them to no extent, and will forever be grateful to so much as have them in my life.
I mean it when I say I'm lucky.
I'm in love with the two most perfect girls in the world, and I couldn't be more blessed.

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