Friday, November 4, 2011

This is exactly why I don't consider you a 'best friend' or make any effort at all to hangout.

Good knowing you have my back and support Jaleesa and I, but whatever, this is cool too.

Why do you even talk shit and act like you're on my side if you're just going to go be cool with her?
I mean, Mauricio I understand, I didn't talk to him about it and he's actually been really good friends with Carlye for a long time, you weren't even great friends with her in the first place.
Don't talk shit if you're just going to go back on it.

This just shows how much you change for/around women. It's fucking annoying.
Quite trying to be the cool guy and being all about the attention, back your friends up for once.

Whatever, this is nothing new.

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