Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Thursday I'm driving up to Salt Lake to see Jaleesa.
I'm beyond excited, I can't even fully express how I'm feeling nor begin to!

She's been so sweet and lovey lately, I'm loving it.
We have so many great things planned, I'm sure I'll only fall deeper and deeper in love with her as the minutes pass.

I'm meeting Adele and her family as well.
I'm hoping they like me. Especially Adele, that's what really counts. Jaleesa has reassured me, but it's still scary and exciting. She's the cutest little girl, so I definitely want to be on her good side.

Whenever I call parents sir or ma'am, I assume they think I'm kissing their ass, when I'm being sincere. I just picked it up when working at Westwind, so hopefully Jaleesa's parents don't think I'm just feeding them bullshit. Either way, it'll be nice to finally meet them. I just pray they approve of me.

I finally sold my wireless, which is good. I never use it, I have no need for it. Although, I have much need for the money it will bring me. I want to spoil Jaleesa. I bought her this really cute sweater I think she'll look really good in. I guess we'll see. I'm going to try and save more money to buy her dressesand other cute clothes and an iPod touch. But this will be a good starting gift.

I couldn't find anything I felt comfortable sending her CDs in, so I'm going to bring those and her love letter up with me, along with a few extra things I hope she'll like!

I'm just really in a good mood because of her. She's just the very best to me and I truly am lucky. She's just perfect, and I'm so in love with her. I'm getting really excited for us to live together. When she moves here I'll only be that much luckier.. (Don't ask me how I could get any luckier, but she'll make it happen.)
Living with her and Adele.. It'll be truly amazing.
This is the best relationship I've ever been in. We're 4 hours away from each other and we're in my healthiest relationship. I love it.

I'm just so blessed and grateful for having her in my life.

I love you, Jaleesa Kristie Versluis. That can't and won't change.

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